A taxi driver has admitted having no tax for six vehicles he owns.

The case against Martin Conde Robert Moore was adjourned to allow him the opportunity to pay the back taxes as the vehicles have been seized.

He will be sentenced on December 1.

The offences are finable only.

Prosecuting advocate Rachael Braidwood told the court that, on August 10, police on patrol on Port E Chee Avenue, Douglas, where Moore lives, found a Vauxhall Insignia parked.

The vehicle licence had expired in April 2022.

Moore, who is 43, spoke to police, saying ‘I apologise, it was an oversight’, and the car was subsequently seized.

On August 20, police came across two more vehicles on Saddle Road – a Mercedes Sprinter van and a Mercedes CLK55.

The tax for the Sprinter had expired in November 2021 and the tax for the CLK55 in May 2021.

Moore was again spoken to by police and said: ‘Easy convictions, that’s all the constabulary cares about these days.

‘Thank God we are getting a new Chief Constable.’

The two vehicles were subsequently seized.

On October 17, police came across more untaxed vehicles owned by Moore, parked on Port e Chee Avenue.

This time it was a Mercedes with tax expired in August 2022, a Chrysler with tax expired in July 2022, and a Citroen with expired tax in June 2022.

The vehicles were again seized.

The court heard that Moore has numerous previous convictions for having no vehicle tax.

Ms Braidwood said that an adjournment before sentencing would give Moore the opportunity to pay the back taxes for the vehicles and to get them back.

Deemster Graeme Cook, sitting as Deputy High Bailiff, adjourned the case to allow this, saying that deprivation orders for the vehicles could be sought by the prosecution if this did not happen before sentencing.

Bail was granted in the sum of £500.