A teenager who was Pava-sprayed while resisting arrest and was drunk and disorderly outside the Outback has been fined £600.

Jordan Joseph Halligan-Bunce admitted both offences and was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs by High Bailiff Jayne Hughes.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that a member of the public flagged down police in Victoria Street in Douglas on June 18, at 1.45am.

They reported that a highly intoxicated male was trying to start an altercation.

Officers saw Halligan-Bunce, who is 19, shouting and swearing and followed him as he tried to walk away.

He tried to go into the Nag’s Head pub but was refused entry due to his level of intoxication.

Police tried to speak to him but Halligan-Bunce walked off, again shouting and swearing, as he headed up towards the Outback.

He was then said to have tried to start an altercation with a civilian and was eventually spoken to by officers in Barrack Street.

Halligan-Bunce was described as slurring his words, unsteady on his feet and smelling of alcohol.

Officers took him by the arm but he then began swearing.

He was warned about his language but continued swearing.

Halligan-Bunce was subsequently arrested but as he was put into a police van, he started kicking out at the cage in the rear of the vehicle.

Officers had to use Pava spray to restrain him and close the door.

The court heard that he has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said that his client’s guilty plea related only to being drunk and disorderly in Barrack Street and not in the other locations mentioned as they had not formed part of the charge.


‘He accepted he was highly intoxicated,’ said the advocate.

‘There was no chase, he wasn’t under arrest. Police were concerned about his behaviour and followed him.

‘This wasn’t an assault. He was a handful. He doesn’t make a habit of this and would describe it as a one-off.’

Mr Wood went on to say that Halligan-Bunce did not normally drink, but had been at a wedding earlier on the day in question.

He added: ‘He wants to apologise to the officers.

‘He had a night in the cells to think about his behaviour.’

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes fined Halligan-Bunce, who lives at Ashley Park, £500 for resisting arrest, and £100 for being drunk and disorderly.

He will pay all amounts at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.