A 30-year-old Ramsey man has been put on probation for 12 months for theft.

Jason Liam Christian stole goods worth £6.50 from his local Co-op in Parliament Street but was already on probation at the time.

He was said to already be paying fines which aren’t scheduled to end until the year 2027.

Magistrates ordered that a new probation order run concurrently to the previous one, meaning he will now be on probation for longer.

The court heard that Christian had taken the items on November 6.

He was said to have been drunk at the time.

Christian was put on probation for 12 months in August after making threatening racist comments.

A probation report said that it was a difficult and sad situation as Christian was heavily reliant on alcohol and also had serious health problems.

The report said that he did engage with probation when he had not been drinking but some home visits had been necessary due to his intoxicated state.

Defence advocate Peter Taylor said of the latest offence: ‘He and his mother had paid for other items.

‘He can only put it down to intoxication.’

Magistrates made no order for prosecution costs.