Three men were jailed today for offences involving the production (importation) of cannabis.

Two also committed money laundering offences.

Garry Dentith, formerly of Princes Street, Douglas, pleaded guilty to one count of production of cannabis, one count of supply of cannabis and five counts of money-laundering concerning £192,855 of criminal proceeds.

He was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison.

Some of these crimes were linked with the crimes of Thomas Harrison, Sheila Starkey and Georgina Powell, who all were found to have been involved in the trafficking of cannabis or money to and from the island in previous court appearances.

Deemster Graeme Cook told Dentith: ‘You were a leader and you must have strong connections to organised crime.’

Dentith’s advocate, Paul Rodgers, argued that ‘the leading role in this is the dealer in England’.

Sam Leigh, of Brown Close in Barnsley, Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to being concerning in the production of cannabis and money-laundering and received 32 months in prison.

Leigh was arrested in September 2022 at the Sea Terminal after he was stopped and had his car searched and was found to have £47,970.

Leigh’s letter to Deemster Cook outlined that he was just a ‘mule’ in the operation and had no knowledge of the scale of crime going on.

Defence advocate Stephen Woods said: ‘Donkeys, mules, whatever the description, my client’s been an ass.’

Andrew McGill, of Brunswick Road, Douglas, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cannabis and to possession of 8.5kg of cannabis, with a street value of £171,270 with intent to supply and received 30 months in jail.

Defence advocate Paul Glover said: ‘My client is one of the last people you would expect to appear for these offences.

‘This is a sad tale and story for Mr McGill.’

McGill and Dentith were arrested in October 2022 after raids on both of their properties as part of Operation Artemis.