A 25-year-old van driver has admitted driving while under the influence of cocaine and cannabis.

Joshua Scott Quirk was stopped by police in Cronk y Voddy on November 20.

He will be sentenced on March 14 in summary court after a probation report has been prepared.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were on patrol in Kirk Michael at 5.30pm on November 11, when they saw Quirk driving a Ford Transit van, heading towards Ballacraine.

They stopped him in Cronk y Voddy and he was described as having dilated pupils and appearing nervous and agitated.

Quirk told police he had just ‘smoked a joint’.

A drug wipe test at the scene proved positive for cannabis and he was subsequently arrested and taken to police headquarters.

A blood sample was taken which later produced results of 5.9 for cannabis. The legal limit is two.

It also produces a reading of 94 for cocaine, which has a legal limit of 10, and 1,479 for benzoylecgonine (a metabolite of cocaine), which has a legal limit of 50.

In court, Quirk, who lives at Slieau Curn Park, Kirk Michael, pleaded guilty to three counts of driving while under the influence of drugs, as the cocaine and benzoylecgonine are charged separately, despite being linked.

Defence advocate Paul Glover asked for a probation report to be prepared before sentencing.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes granted bail in the sum of £500 with conditions to live at his home address, not to drive, to contact probation, and not to leave the island without court permission.