Visiting TT fans fined for assault

Wednesday 15th June 2022 4:24 am
Exterior view of the Isle of Man Courthouse in Douglas - (Isle of Man Newspapers )

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Two visiting TT fans have been fined for assault causing actual bodily harm after a fight on Douglas promenade.

Scott Nogalada Seator punched and kicked a man while Ewan Fyfe pushed the man’s father to the ground.

Both men pleaded guilty to the assault with Fyfe also pleading guilty to possessing cocaine.

At Thursday’s court magistrates fined Seator £1,200, while Fyfe was fined £1,250.

Both men were ordered to pay £100 compensation to their victim.

They were told that if they didn’t pay up immediately, Seator would face 65 days in prison and Fyfe would serve 70 days.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were called to the area outside the Paparazzi restaurant on Loch Promenade on June 8 at 12.53am.

The two complainants, a father and son who were also visiting the island for TT, said that they had been drinking in Douglas Yacht Club.

Once on Douglas Promenade, the son was said to have made a disparaging remark about a female who was with Fyfe and Seator.

Groundsman Seator, who is 26 and lives at Ardlarach Road, Lochgilphead, Scotland, was said to have punched the son causing him to fall to the ground.

He then followed this up by kicking him around the body and head.

The victim was said to have suffered a swollen nose and a misaligned jaw as a result of the assault.

The father then went to his son’s aid but was pushed to the ground by 26-year-old bricklayer Fyfe.

The father was said to have suffered cuts to his face, as a result of his fall, one of which had to be glued.

Police arrested the two men and Seator was heard to say: ‘Have you ever punched someone so hard you’ve hurt your hand? He did deserve it.’

He was said to have broken one of his fingers such was the force of the punch.

Mr Swain said that there was no medical evidence in relation to the injuries as both victims had since left the island.

Fyfe, whose address was given as Iveraray, Argyll, Scotland, was found in possession of 0.3 grams of cocaine, valued by police at £30.

Advocate Matthew Wilshaw represented Seator and asked for credit to be given for his client’s guilty plea and his lack of previous convictions.

Mr Wilshaw said: ‘We would submit this was a one-off, not to be repeated. It was instigated by a remark to a female. Mr Seator accepts his reaction went over and above what was acceptable in defending his female friend’s honour.

‘He has taken a pragmatic approach rather than putting the complainant through the stress of having to obtain and supply medical evidence in England.’

The advocate said that his client had spent over 36 hours in custody as a result of the incident and was due to leave the island on Saturday.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood, who represented Fyfe, entered a basis of plea for his client in which Fyfe said he had not kicked anyone, but accepted that the father had suffered facial injuries as a result of a reckless push, which had caused him to bang his head on the ground.

Mr Wood asked for credit to be given for his client’s guilty pleas and the fact that he was lightly convicted, with just one previous conviction around 10 years ago.

The advocate said: ‘Mr Fyfe can pay today. He is likely to have to ring around and call in friends and family to assist.’

Magistrates also ordered both men to pay £125 prosecution costs each.

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