A 26-year-old vulnerable man who had to stay in the prison because he had nowhere else to go has been released on probation.

Jordan Declan John Caley’s plight was reported on the front page of last week’s Manx Independent.

He had his sentencing delayed twice due to having no suitable address to go to if he was released.

But on Tuesday, the court heard that he was due to be assessed for a place at Viva Heights, an adult care home in the island, providing support and assistance to people with a diagnosis of mental illness.

It is hoped that he can reside there immediately but hotel accommodation was also being arranged for a night if the Viva Heights assessment had not been completed in time.

We previously reported how High Bailiff Jayne Hughes was scathing of the case last week, saying: ‘It is totally unsatisfactory that we live in the Isle of Man in the 21st century and there is no accommodation available for vulnerable people who need it.

‘It would seem, for reasons beyond me, that there is no such accommodation on the island.

‘There should be somewhere for vulnerable adults to reside.’

Caley’s probation officer had described the situation as ‘horrific’ after making extensive efforts to find him somewhere suitable to live, but being unable to.

On Tuesday, his probation officer said that Caley would also be supported by staff from Manx Care and Graih, the homeless charity.

The accommodation at Viva Heights will last for four weeks, at which point Caley will be assessed again to decide which services he comes under for his support needs.

We previously reported how Caley has pleaded guilty to criminal damage, burglary, and theft.

The criminal damage offence was committed on January 21 when he went to a woman’s home in Anagh Coar and smashed two windows, throwing a plant pot at one and punching another, while shouting that his cousin had taken his medication.

The woman said afterwards, in a victim impact statement, that she was mentally scarred and now afraid to answer the door.

Caley also admitted a burglary, committed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

On that occasion, he went into his neighbour’s flat in a building at Woodbourne Square in Douglas, where they were both living at the time, and stole a wallet containing £45 and prescription medication Pregabalin.

Caley then handed himself in to police saying that he had felt guilty about the burglary.

He also previously pleaded guilty to theft, committed on October 4, when he stole £5.79 worth of goods from Ellan Vannin Fuels on Peel Road in Douglas.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said: ‘It is great news that a place at Viva Heights will be available shortly.

‘The offences were arguably a cry for help given his living difficulties at the time.

‘The assessments scheduled are very important.’

Mr Rodgers said that the case had highlighted important matters and that he hoped this would also benefit others in the future.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes agreed, saying that she also hoped that this would benefit others and that she was extremely grateful to Caley’s probation officer as well as Manx Care for their efforts.

‘It is a sad indictment of the Isle of Man that there is nowhere for vulnerable individuals to reside,’ said the High Bailiff.

Caley was put on probation for 12 months and also ordered to pay compensation of £45 for the cash taken during the burglary, £100 for the damage caused at the woman’s house, and £5.79 for the items stolen from EVF.

He will pay at a rate of £10 per week.