How was the Manx Grand Prix 2023, the centenary, for you?

I’m a glass half-full person.

In terms of organised events for bike enthusiasts it was great to see Douglas Promenade used for the ‘Show and Shine’ display of past and present motorcycles with sights and sounds further enhanced by the Spitfire aerobatic performance.

I have said a number of times that the promenade is ideal for events around the TT or MGP rather than the recent trend of everything being situated around the Grandstand. Another very successful event was the ‘Peel Parade’ with some lovely bikes and road racing personalities.

Jurby Day also provided lots of entertainment and fun for fans of two and three-wheeled machinery.

The spectators’ lap of the TT course celebrating the Centenary was a real success as was the equivalent in TT week with thousands taking part.

How proud were we as Manxies on Senior Race Day with two Manx newcomers to the event taking first and second position?

Well done Joe Yeardsley and Marcus Simpson and the Ultra Lightweight victor was Paul Cassidy… a great effort!

The Manx Radio commentary team were well received, knowledgeable, reporting live from Glen Helen and Ramsey Hairpin covering all the field rather than just concentrating on lap records.

As always a big thank you to the marshals, medics and volunteers.

We do need to encourage more young people to marshal.

Change is inevitable but it must go hand in hand with embracing the history of the TT and MGP.

For me the sidecar parade at TT was a disappointment. Where were some more of the special machines or teams who are still around?

During the MGP Centenary I would have liked to see some more of the MGP winners on the course.

Last year we were fortunate with the weather and sufficient practice time is vital. This year was really challenging in that respect but all the races ran although it’s disappointing when they have reduced race distances.

I will upset some here and the concept of ‘A Festival of Motorcycling’ was thought up by others but I for one enjoyed the ‘Classic TT’ branding (which I guess is history now!) combined with the Manx Grand Prix, Two Day Trial, Classic 2 Day Trial, VMCC Events and Festival of Jurby, something for enthusiasts of all elements.

Let’s make sure we focus on the positive elements and improve on aspects that were less successful for the future.