A wheelchair accessible roundabout has been installed in Noble’s Park.

It was approved last July by Douglas Council, with a proposed cost of £12,500.

The local authority says it is a ‘great addition’ and will enable children in a wheelchair or pushchair to experience a ‘spinning sensation’ safely.

Commenting on its Facebook page, the Council commented: ‘Whilst meandering through our beautiful Noble's Park, come and check out our new Ability Roundabout installed recently at Noble's Play Park.

‘It is a great addition fitting flush to the ground for easy wheelchair and pushchair access, enabling children to experience the thrill of the spinning sensation in safety.’

Back in July, it was confirmed that the equipment will be funded from income generated at events in the park.

Douglas City Council had previously considered buying a wheelchair swing, but this was seen as 'exclusive' and would have needed a permanent staff member to oversee it.