The Department of Infrastructure has announced that the A5 New Castletown Road in Douglas is soon to be closed for resurfacing works.

This closure will be between Spring Valley roundabout, Douglas (also known as Fort North roundabout) and the bottom of Richmond Hill in Santon.

This closure will be in place from Monday, September 11 until no later than Friday, October 27.

The DoI is set to re-open the junction at the bottom of Richmond Hill and divert all traffic using the A5 between Douglas and the South via the Energy from Waste Plant Access Road and the top of Kewaigue Hill.

A spokesperson from the DoI said: 'The Energy From Waste Plant Access Road will be made a clearway with a temporary 30 mph speed limit. Preparatory work will be undertaken to ensure that this road is ready to carry additional traffic. A temporary 30mph speed limit will also be in operation on the entirety of Richmond Hill during these works due to the temporary traffic layout at the bottom of the hill.

'The clearway order on the Energy From Waste Plant Access Road will come into being on Friday September 8. This is ahead of the main resurfacing scheme to allow enabling works required to temporarily reopen the junction with the A5. Owners of any vehicles currently parked at the end of this road are asked to move them before the introduction of the clearway order.'