A spokesperson from the Isle of Man Government has confirmed that there has been a drop in attendance figures at the Government Conference.

This years figures show that 754 people attended the conference, a fairly significant drop off from over 1,000 attending last years.

The conference, which took part on September 20 and 21 at the Villa Marina in Douglas, was held to set out the Government's priorities for progress on the island in the future.

Despite 508 people registering in advance for a free place at the Wednesday evening session, only 258 of these attended.

597 people signed up for the following day, with 449 of these attending - a significant rise from Wednesday's attendance.

There were also 47 other attendees in the form of staff and MHKs/MLCs.

A spokesperson from the Isle of Man Government said: 'It is worth noting that these figures are estimates based on records made on the day, and that they do not take into account people who attended sponsored events.'