Douglas Council and the Department of Infrastructure have been installing drop kerbs around the town to make it more accessible.

Councillor Andrew Bentley says the scheme was sparked by residents who complained to him when he was out canvassing.

He says initially a scheme was set up which would provide six drop kerbs however the scheme now includes 27.

Councillor Bentley says they are ‘priceless’ and not having them creates a ‘major impediment’ for residents.

‘I became very aware following my campaign when I was elected, that when you knock on the doors of Douglas, you find out that there are an awful lot of people with mobility issues who don’t leave the house very often or rarely don’t leave the house at all,’ he said.

‘I found one gentleman who lived in the Murray’s Road area and he said I can’t get more than about 20 metres from his front door because there were no drop kerbs.’

He spoke to the Department of Infrastructure about the issue and it provided six drop kerbs.

‘That meant from his house he would be able to get to the shops and to the prom.

‘That would get him into town and to the buses and that was then followed by a much wider scheme for the Murray’s Road area.’

A further proposal includes 27 drop kerbs in the direction of Palatine Road.

Cllr Bentley said: ‘This is absolutely priceless in this area because there are so many people for whom those barriers are a major impediment to them taking part, not only in life from a social perspective, but also from an economic perspective.

‘Many of these people have pensions and they’re willing to spend them, but it’s just too much hassle to go out.’