Psychology graduates are being offered an extremely rare opportunity to train as an educational and child psychologist (TEP), whilst developing their practice in Manx schools.

The opportunity will see one graduate embark on a three-year professional qualification at Nottingham University – fully funded by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture (DESC).

The Applied Doctorate in Educational Psychology (DAppEdPsy) will require them to study full-time at Nottingham University for one year, before splitting their time between their studies and working with young people in schools on the Isle of Man.

The Department is also introducing a series of monthly forums, led by their Lead Educational & Child Psychologist, Jonny Fee, to give potential candidates the best possible chance when submitting their applications in March 2024.

Mr Fee said: ‘This is a rare and exciting opportunity to complete a funded professional qualification. Working with young people is a privilege and I urge 
psychology graduates to come to the forums and find out more.’

Julie Edge MHK Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said: ‘This is a phenomenal opportunity to be supported to complete all the necessary qualifications whilst practicing within a cluster of Manx schools.’

The first forum will be held at University College Isle of Man’s Christory’s Restaurant on September 18 at 4.30pm and anyone interested in attending can email [email protected]

Further information regarding all the course requirements can be found online by visiting the University of Nottingham’s Applied Doctorate in Educational Psychology (DAppEdPsy) page.