Design work for the replacement for Castle Rushen High School will be completed in the next 12 months.

Education Minister Julie Edge said her department has a ‘master plan’ for the development of the site, with a phased approach being taken.

She added there would be ‘high level costings’ at each phase.

This was in response to a question posed by Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse asking for an update on the replacement.

She was further asked for potential dates of when work would start, to which she couldn’t confirm any.

In August last year, a report found the current building was ‘below par’ for students and ‘not fit for purpose’.

Design work has already cost at least £900,000 for the school in Castletown.

The building of the new school was set back recently, with the news that it won’t be completed for the original deadline of March 2027.

Ms Edge said in the House of Keys sitting this week that the department has established a concept design allowing for future expansion and recreational sporting facilities.

This will go to Treasury and the Council of Ministers ‘in the next couple of weeks’.

Following this, the next step will be to launch the full scheme.

She added: ‘I feel we will be moving forward within the next 12 months to design stage.

‘We have done our best to ensure coming forward with the scheme we can ensure there is minimal disruption to the pupils while it’s built.

Children can continue to be educated and have the sporting facilities while the new school is built.’

When asked what the capacity would be in the new building, Ms Edge replied that it’s suitable for future growth but couldn’t give a figure.

Meanwhile, MHK Tim Glover asked if plans would encompass the southern swimming pool, but Ms Edge stressed that the school would be the department’s ‘first focus’.