The police are urging motorists to slow down when driving through Marown after a number of ‘near misses’.

‘Slow Down for Marown’ is a campaign being run by the police, Marown Commissioners and Marown Primary School.

It aims to get people to slow down when driving through the parish, especially during school times.

The top speed limit through Crosby and Glen Vine is currently 30mph and the police have said previously that it’s an area known to ‘generate many complaints in relation to excessive speed’.

With Marown Commissioners and the government trying to encourage active travel (walking, scooting or cycling) to schools, the near hits have made this difficult as people worry for their safety, according to the police.

Sergeant Michael Taylor, who works in the roads policing unit, says the police want to make Marown a safer place for children and to encourage them to walk, scoot cycle to school.

‘In order for our young people to embrace this they must feel safe and one of the common concerns is around speeding within the parish,’ he said.

‘Exercise is good for the body and mind, I am urging all residents to slow down for the sake of their children, the children of their friend or neighbour, every child has the right to feel safe. Historically we have had near misses with children reported around the area of Marown School before and after school.’

He explained that this is largely due to the fact that vehicles are being parked on double yellow lines.

Sergeant Taylor added: ‘People should not park on double yellow lines.

‘It increases the danger to our children and other road users by causing obstructions and restricts visibility.

‘We strongly support active travel with children getting to school by alternative means other than car.

‘We also believe Marown could lead the way in creating the safe environment for our children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.’

As part of the campaign, Marown Primary School pupils have been designing posters for the local community with the help of the road safety team.

This was to highlight the importance of keeping everyone safe in Marown.

Posters include messages to the public asking them to ‘stop, look, listen and think’ as well as ‘be responsible, safe and kind’ when walking, cycling, scooting and driving.

They also ask motorists to stop at stop signs, keep to the speed limit, pay attention and not to use phones while driving.

Year six (10- to 11-year-old) pupils were also asked to give their advice to motorists travelling through the area near the school as part of the campaign.

One said: ‘You should slow down in Marown because there are lots of kids around and it would be much safer for our community.’

Another added that everyone should be aware of children playing out or commuting to school using bikes and scooters in Marown.’