University College Isle of Man (UCM) has launched its Aspiring Managers Programme to develop a pipeline of new management talent and aid succession planning.

Ten staff have joined the programme, all of whom undertake a range of roles at University College Isle of Man.

Through a series of training sessions and live cross-college projects, they will develop core management skills, including organisational awareness, what makes an effective manager, managing relationships, managing people and resources, managing quality, project management and presentation delivery.

The course provides an opportunity for shared practice, and the participants will be mentored by experienced managers at UCM.

Applicants had to meet set criteria and have a reference letter from their manager to support their request to join the programme.

Pamela Berry, head of learning development and partnerships at UCM, said: ‘In any organisation it’s really important that staff are supported to develop and progress in their careers.

‘Not only does this foster a supportive and engaging working environment but it’s also essential for the long-term success of the organisation.

‘UCM has been around, in one guise or another, since the 1800s and we’re keen to make sure we successfully pass the baton to the next generation.’

Marketing coordinator Charlotte Fisher, one of the aspiring managers, added: ‘I’m pleased to have been accepted on this programme and I’m looking forward to tackling some challenging projects.

‘I enjoy working at UCM and think it’s fantastic that they are keen to help members of staff reach out for more responsibility and continue to develop their roles.’

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