A Douglas South MHK has highlighted the Meadow Campus, home of Scoill Vallajeelt and St Thomas’s primary schools, as one of the only schools without a safe crossing.

Sarah Maltby asked Minister for Infrastructure Tim Crookall whether safe crossing point analysis had been undertaken at the school and what the result was in the House of Keys.

Mr Crookall said that an economic assessment determined that a crossing would cost the government £30,000, which it wasn’t going ahead with. I’m always willing to reconsider and have it reviewed,’ he added. ‘It’s just a case of finding that budget.’

He explained that the Department of Infrastructure has a large list of jobs that need to be allocated funding and when it has meetings it decides what’s coming to the top of the list.

Mrs Maltby said it was concerning that the school had ‘no crossing point and no safety officer’.

‘I’m highlighting there is an issue there,’ she added. Mr Crookall will attend the campus to see the effects of this.