Tynwald’s public accounts committee is asking people to tell it about their experiences of the student awards scheme.

Student awards have undergone significant changes from a largely grants-based system to a grant and loan mix.

Eligibility is governed by residency, academic achievement and parental income.

The remit of the public accounts committee allows it to consider such matters as the committee may think fit in order to scrutinise the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of government policy.

The committee intends to examine to what extent the scheme provides value for money and supports the Island Plan aims and objectives related to higher education.

Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson, who chairs the committee, said: ‘Student awards are a key gateway to higher education.

‘A lot depends on getting it right first time to make this important life transition as smooth as possible. The PAC would like people to get in touch to talk about their experiences as to how administration of this system can be improved.

Respondents may wish to include in their response:

Experiences good and bad

Views about the responsiveness of the system

Thoughts on grant and loan provision, as well as debt repayment

View on the fairness of the system

Potential recommendations for change

Submissions should be sent by Friday, March 24.

Post: Clerk to the Public Accounts Committee, Clerk of Tynwald’s Office, Legislative Buildings, Finch Road,

Douglas IM1 3PW