An aeroplane had to make an emergency landing at Ronaldsway Airport last night.

Emergency services were scrambled and the hospital put on alert as the incident happened.

The knock-on effects are still affecting the airport, where some flights maybe still delayed/cancelled due to airlines needed to plan ahead to avoid further delays.

As it took off at 8.30pm, the plane encountered a serious hydraulic issue.

It turned around and landed as a full emergency..

Upon landing it lost steering and developed potential brake issues so the crew brought it to a safe stop, this unfortunately blocking the runway.

As it landed, a large amount of hydraulic oil was also deposited on the runway.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch was informed and the aircraft quarantined (not able to be recovered in case a full investigation is required) for review.

With amount level of hydraulic oil on the runway and the quarantining of the aircraft, the evening's remaining flights were cancelled..

The aircraft was released from quarantine at about 10.30pm.

The aircraft was safely removed off the runway for further recovery work when specialist parts can be transported from the UK).

After the aircraft was removed, a team were deployed through the night to inspect the runway and clear up the extensive amount of oil, the runway reopened around 6.40am today.

The Boeing 737-322(sf) was operated by West Atlantic Cargo. 

The post office has released a statement this morning clarifying that the aircraft did not contain the mail. It added added all mail was dispatched from the island last night as normal via an alternative aircraft.