Annabel Curphey is a singer-songwriter from the Isle of Man, now living in Brighton. She grew up on the island for 19 years before leaving to pursue music. Island life heavily influenced her music taste, from songs about small-town life to big political issues, the island and its people have all had an impact on what she listens to today.

1) Frank Ocean - Nights

I could have gone with so many tracks from this album, but the iconic beat switch midway through this one makes it my winner. Every time I hear it I feel it wholly, my heart skips a beat and my head is bopping. Frank is my biggest inspiration and for me, his music hits every time.

2) SZA - Go Gina

Okay we get it everyone loves her song Kill Bill, but she’s always been making bangers! This was my top song on my 2023 Spotify Wrapped, something about the drums and that finger cymbal that rings out scratches my brain just right. SZAs flow and melodic styles have been a big influence in my own singing and writing too.

3) Ben Howard - In Dreams

Again I could have picked any song from this album but this one is my favourite. I’m in awe of Ben’s guitar skills and I’m always learning from him. He inspires me to keep trying new playing techniques.

4) Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You

Cleo’s angelic voice mixed with the spiritual accompaniment in this song make me feel like I’m floating every time I listen to it. The lyrics discuss growth and love for yourself which I think is one of the most important topics an artist can write about.

5) Kendrick Lamar - Institutionalized

Kendrick Lamar is a genius; there are full academic articles about his music. I regularly listen to this album in full, it touches on extremely important topics and includes a beautiful poem that he recites throughout.

6) Modern Baseball - Charlie Black (into) Timmy Bowers

I’ve cheated with this one because it’s actually two songs but I’m focusing on the transition between the two. Every time I hear it, I feel like I’m ascending and the contrast between the two songs adds to the experience.

7) Kelsey Karter - Devil On My Shoulder

The second this song starts I’m jumping. I discovered Kelsey through my brother last year and I had her album on repeat all day every day for a good three months. Such an underrated artist and her voice is incredible.

8) KAYTRANADA (ft. Anderson .Paak) - Twin Flame

Immaculate summer vibes. As soon as the temperature rises above 5C this song is blasting out my car whilst I’m driving on the mountain with my sunroof open. Nothing more to say, just a banger.

9) Brakence - 5g

Brakecore is a very niche genre but Brakence is the king of it. I love music that challenges the norm and brakecore does just that. It sounds a bit like your speakers are bugging out but I love it.

10) Tems (ft. Brent Faiyaz) - Found

I’m very picky with vocals and Tems exceeds my standards; she’s got beautiful tone and control. Her Nigerian influences really shine through in her melodies and I love when artists are influenced by their background.