Aspiring singers are being given the chance to work with top vocal coaches when they visit the island later this month.

Harmony International Isle of Man has announced the third edition of its Harmony International Vocal Intensive coaching sessions from May 25-31.

The Harmony International Vocal Intensive aims to make vocal training accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful for singing teachers and singers of all abilities across the Island and by bringing together over a dozen top voice experts from around the world sharing their expertise in person and online.

For the first time ever, joining in person in the island at Kensington Arts, are faculty from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in the UK. Those heading over Samantha Malk, deputy head of vocal studies, and Charlie Morgan, head of voice studies - movement and performance health.

Also travelling to the island from the USA, especially for this event, is Dr Sarah Holman, Professor of Voice at Wheaton College and Conservatory, USA and the International Region Governor of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, the world’s largest network of professional voice teachers.

Course leader and director of Harmony International, Sandra Oberoi, said: ‘Over the last few years our international vocal intensive has empowered people to unlock their full vocal potential and thrive in their musical endeavours, creating a community of lifelong learners supporting and cheering for one another. Now the Isle of Man plays a live, pivotal role on this international stage.’

World-renowned vocal leaders, teachers and researchers including Prof Ken Bozeman, an expert on acoustic vocal pedagogy and speech and language pathologist Kerrie Obert will offer guidance on various aspects of singing online.

Sandra Oberoi continued: ‘Research has paved the way for people to understand that there isn’t just one correct way to learn singing.

‘What’s important is building sustainability in the voice, so it’s vital that we continue to offer comprehensive training and insights into the art and science of singing for teachers and singers of all abilities, so they remain abreast with research worldwide and continue to grow in their skill.’

Students attending the intensive have an opportunity to sing at masterclasses led by distinguished voice teachers and will be able to speak with representatives at top music conservatories and universities about their audition process, program offerings, scholarships, and how to be better prepared to apply to these programs.

There will be in-person sessions at the Kensington  Arts Centre on May 25 and 26. There will also be online sessions at 1.30pm-6pm from May 27 to 31.

Participants can choose to attend the entire seven-day workshop or opt for single-day attendance. Early bird discounts for teachers and scholarships for students are available.

Established in the Isle of Man, Harmony International Limited is the global wing of Harmony – The Music School, founded in Bangalore, India in 2008. Harmony International IoM has been specifically set up to provide unique musical experiences for musicians, music teachers, artists and diverse communities in the Isle of Man and around the world.

Visit to register and learn more about scholarships.