Author David Evans has published the fourth instalment in the children’s picture book series, The Adventures of Al The Wandering Albatross.

Al’s Misty Christmas Quest sees myths, legends and folklore all woven into the Isle of Man’s DNA brought back to life.

David, who writes under the pen name Marion Prince, told Island Life: ‘As with all the books in this series, it’s been great fun writing and illustrating this fourth one, especially, setting it here in the Isle of Man, which helps make the storyline more placeable and relevant. I’m definitely looking forward to reading it to my lovely grandchildren and I trust those who buy it will too.’

The story is set on Christmas Eve. With his chums tucked up in bed, Al watches the star-filled sky in the hope of seeing Father Christmas.

But when everything outside becomes covered in a mysterious mist, it isn’t Santa who appears, but rather a magnificent white horse.

Speaking with passion, she introduces herself as Enbarr, horse to the mighty sea god, Manannan mac Lir,

‘Father Christmas isn’t coming, unfortunately, my master’s mist has sent him astray,’ Enbarr tells him.

‘But another approaches who promises no good.

‘He pulls on the oars of a Viking ship that’s made out of very strong wood.’

Will Al be able to help deliver all the presents in time? And will they be able to send the invaders away?

David, who lives in Derbyhaven, will be selling signed copies of all of his books at the King William’s College Christmas Market, taking place on Saturday (November 18), from 11am to 2pm.

Paperback copies of Al’s Misty Christmas Quest are also available through Amazon Books for £6.99.

The other books in the series are Time To Go, One Good Turn Deserves Another and First Day of School.

To find out about his latest projects see his website