Eve Puzzar has won the Young Singer of Mann 2023 title, impressing judges with her emotive, controlled performance.

The annual competition was held at the Erin Arts Centre, in Port Erin, with 30 singers aged from seven to 18 taking part.

Pip Rolfe, from the venue, told Island Life: ‘ We had a fantastic couple of days here at the Erin Arts Centre for the Young Singer of Mann 2023.

‘The new, single-round format was a great success, and we had some outstanding performances in both classes.’

Each singer performed two songs, one of which had to use the official accompanist, Madeline Kelly.

The judges were Angela Stewart (chair), Jane Corkill, Jack Divers and Christy DeHaven.

The Young Singer of Mann competition was for competitors aged 13 to 18. Eve won with The Water Is Wide and The Life I Never Had.

Kendra Metcalfe was runner-up and Jessie Quigley was third.

Meanwhile, in the new junior category for singers aged seven to 12, 11-year-old Anna Tamarova won with pitch perfect renditions of ‘The Dark Island’ and ‘My Favourite Things’.

Ava Corlett was second and Millie Craddock third.

The Malcolm Dickinson Trust provided cash prizes of £150, £100 and £50 in both classes.

The winners received trophies to take home for a year and a trophy to keep. The trophies were provided by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

The judges also handed out Mannin Music vouchers, rewarding characterisation and perseverance.

They were awarded to Scarlet Brophy and Alice Gregory in the senior category and Alice Hemensley, Aalish Kilgallon and Allysandra Patary.

Each competitor received a certificate of participation.

Pip added: ‘Despite the occasion, there was a relaxed and supportive atmosphere throughout, and singers, parents and teachers alike, should be very proud.’