It took Liz Kelly three attempts to pass her GCSE English but now she has published her first novel.

Liz describes her book Violet as a ‘thought-provoking and heart-warming story that captures real life struggles’.

But this is not her first book. Back in 2019 she wrote quite a different piece of work on learning how to play the card game bridge. Now, Liz has decided to venture into the world of fiction with her latest publication.

She said: ‘Everyone has a story to tell, whether it be real or imagined. Violet was inspired by great characters and events in my life in the Isle of Man.

‘At school I was useless at English, taking three attempts to pass my GCSE. Actually the first time it was an O Level but by the time I passed it was a GCSE.

‘Whether it was art or English, my report often said: “Good ideas spoilt by poor execution.”

‘I often joke that English isn’t my first language, that it is be gibberish! Luckily I have some very good friends who helped with the grammar and sometimes finding the right word.

‘This isn’t a work of literary genius, it’s not a tense thriller, or a classic but it does have a feel good factor and I hope if you decide to read it you will find it entertaining and amusing.’

The novel is about Violet who is single and approaching 40. She is stuck in a rut, in a boring office job. Desperate to change her life, she resigns from her job, buys a rundown house and converts it into a tearoom/bridge club.

It is no surprise bridge has come into her novel. Liz first started playing bridge 45 years ago and has been playing competitively for the past 15 years.

She said the game is one ‘where you keep on learning and is good for keeping a healthy brain’.

Liz wrote her book on bridge while teaching the game at University College Isle of Man and was writing and handing out notes to help the students with the lessons.

She previously told the Island Life: ’You can play a basic game of bridge relatively quickly but it takes time to become a competent player. It is a fascinating and wonderful game.

‘Playing bridge you will come across many new people from all walks of life that you wouldn’t ordinarily meet.’

Liz’s time playing bridge has provided a rich range of experiences on which to base her first work of fiction. Many of the characters have been inspired by the people she has met playing the game.

Violet has been published by Heads-Up Design in association with Busy Lizzy Publishing. The book is available at Birch Hill Stores in Onchan. For more information please email [email protected]