Gaiety is set for an electrifying show

Friday 23rd September 2022 3:46 pm
Centre Stage Productions is set to perform Grease at the Gaiety Theatre from Saturday. The principal cast comprises Jack Divers (Danny Zuko), Leah Carter (Sandy Dumbrowski), Kaysee Craine (Kenickie), Jordan McCormack (Rizzo), Alex Maxwell (Roger), Grace Hoodless (Jan), Ross Angwin (Doody), Molly Bowman (Frenchie), Ben Gale (Sonny) and Meg Walker (Marty). ()

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Centre Stage Productions is set to perform the iconic musical Grease at the Gaiety Theatre from Saturday.

The lively and fun production features Jack Divers as Danny Zuko and Leah Carter as Sandy Dumbrowski.

The society’s chairman, Val Cowley, told Island Life the choice of musical reflected its evolution from when the society formed as the Manx Gilbert and Sullivan Society more than 30 years ago.

It changed its name to Centre Stage Productions five years ago and started to perform modern rather than traditional shows. ‘It enabled us to entice and encourage many new young members which cements the future of the society,’ she said.

Committee member Kelly Firth described Grease as an ‘iconic musical theatre staple’, adding: ‘It has all the songs people love from the film such as Greased Lightnin’, Summer Nights, Beauty School Drop-out, plus a few only known to the musical.

‘The show itself has great pace, there’s always another song, always another big dance number.

‘The energy of the show does not give in, it keeps pushing, and there’s never a moment you’re checking your watch wondering how much longer there is to go, there’s constantly something happening that’s engaging and fun to watch.’

The director is Bethany Magee and the musical director is David Holland.

The principal cast comprises: Jack Divers (Danny Zuko), Leah Carter (Sandy Dumbrowski), Kaysee Craine (Kenickie), Jordan McCormack (Rizzo), Alex Maxwell (Roger), Grace Hoodless (Jan), Ross Angwin (Doody), Molly Bowman (Frenchie), Ben Gale (Sonny) and Meg Walker (Marty).

Other named parts are played by Sophie Lancaster (Patty Simcox), Andrew Deighton (Eugene), Alice Quayle (Pink Lady Swing), David Lyons (Teen Angel), Charlie Williams (Johnny Casino), Neil King (Vince Fontaine:), Holly Bradley (ChaCha) and Carrie Hazeel (Miss Lynch).

The ensemble features Rosie Baxter, Tara Black, Daniella Clarke, Hannah Clinton, Adrian Cowin, Charlie Craine, Sam Faragher, Tony Jones, Katielee Kelly, Sherrie Poultney, Beth Thomas, Abby Vance and Jade Ward.

Kelly said: ‘A lot of people have worked very hard on this show over the past several months, and it shows.

‘What you see on stage is the culmination of cast, crew, lighting, sound, costume, and many more involved. Each time you add an element, the whole show goes up a level.

‘From rehearsing in a church hall with just a keyboard and tables/chairs in place of scenery, to a whole set on the Gaiety stage, with a live band and all the iconic Grease costumes – it’s something else. This show is a visual feast for the eyes, it’s so colourful, lively and energetic. All of the cast and those involved backstage should be very proud of what they’ve achieved.’

Creative assistant Joe Hillard told Island Life the show had come together well.

‘Over the last few weeks things have really started to fall into place, the cast are fantastic and their positivity, commitment and the energy they bring is making the process an absolute joy,’ he said.

He added: ‘We have tried our best to think outside the box, to bring you a production of a show you may have seen a number of times but in a new way you won’t have.

‘We want to keep this age old story fresh and exciting, which we hope we’ve achieved.’

When asked what people could expect from the show, choreographer Breeshey Crookall said: ‘The friendships within the cast are so infectious, they just shine through on stage that it genuinely makes you feel so happy. I can guarantee you will want to be up there dancing along with them!’

The show, supported by Isle of Man Arts Council, runs from Saturday (September 24) to Saturday next week (October 1). Tickets are available from the Welcome Centre or the Villa Gaiety box office online at or call 600555.

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