Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright will perform at the Colby Glen next month to celebrate the launch of his solo album.

The concert on October 14 is part of a 19-show tour across the British Isles.

His album, The Anti Album, will be released by Graphite Records on October 7. It’s described as a ‘truly honest record’ and the ‘perfect manifestation of Tony Wright’s immutable wit, sadness, quiet anger and charm’.

He has released a single, Cannonball, from the album which he described as a ‘sad and lonely song’ that is ‘full of emotions that wouldn’t be wished upon anyone’.

Wright said: ‘It’s where we end up when we lose confidence and stability, whether it’s through mean people or hard times the song just talks of the emotions and feelings inside.

‘There was no point trying to cover over these cracks or pretend anything different so it is blunt and to the point.

‘Not what everyone wants to hear perhaps but that’s not going to change the way we play it and or the sentiment behind it.’

View the video on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=STGmeKTiK5U

Wright explained: ‘The video takes a slightly lighter approach and tells of the jealousy of the miserable clown at the circus whose envy is all consuming when he sees the Human Cannonball.

‘The clown wants to be the Cannonball and enjoy the praise and adulation that pass him by. The plot thickens and the video tells the story of how the clown goes about rectifying this.’

The Anti Album features nine further songs, including the previous single Buried You Deeper.

Concert tickets are available online at https://linktr.ee/Tony_Wright