Manx singer-songwriter Hamish Faragher takes a look at the darker side of breakfast in bed in his latest single.

Breakfast In Bed was released last week and is the second track from his upcoming EP, Comfort Food.

Hamish, who now lives in Manchester, told Island Life: ‘People associate the term breakfast in bed as something positive and special.

‘My intention was to explore a different perspective, a negative side to such an innocent term of phrase.

‘The deep bass and dark droning vocals instantly create the opposite of what the title suggests.

‘Supported by specific sound design such as bubbles, clocks and recurring bleep melodies, this injects the track with a relatable sense of being submerged in your own thoughts.’

The cover art was directed by Hamish’s brother Archie, who is doing all the direction for the project.

Hamish’s love of music started when his parents introduced him to the drums at the age of six.

‘I instantly became obsessed with music,’ he said.

He always played the guitar, even when he as drumming, but it wasn’t until he was about 15 that he started writing and performing his music live.

When he was 18, he was accepted on to a songwriting degree in Manchester and he continued to gig both solo and with a band.

During Covid he decided to really focus his time on producing his own music. ‘I have spent the past four years learning and developing my own style,’ he said.

He released his first self-produced single, Sundried, in June. ‘It’s taken me a long time to build the confidence to start releasing my own music and I’m glad I was patient,’ he said.

Listen to both tracks on digital platforms now.