A shoal of colourful herring have made themselves at home on the Bayr ny Skeddan – Herring Road.

The sculptures were installed along the path of the Silverburn River through Silverdale Glen in Ballasalla over the summer for herring hunters to find.

The Creative Network’s Silverdale Herring Hunt follows on from last year’s beetle hunt with decorated beetles by Steve Chell – and eagle-eyed hunters may still find some of them hiding among the trees too.

The herring were made by about 10 artists.

Creative Network co-ordinating member Carola Rush told Island Life: ‘We put a call out to our members of the Creative Network and made it a social gathering while we decorated herring templates that had been cut out by machine by Rosie Glassey of Pooil Vaaish Black Limestone Ltd.

‘Rosie is also an artist and a member of the network.

‘Most herring were painted using environmentally-friendly paint, glue, sequins etc but some were covered in fabric by our textile artists.’ There are 36 herring to find.

You can tick them off on an identification chart which is available to download on the Silverdale Herring Hunt Facebook page.

It tells budding hunters: ‘Some of the fish are easy to spot but others are a bit shy and have hidden away a little more.

‘Don’t forget to look up, some of the fish are flying among the trees.’

The Creative Network is a voluntarily run collective of artists.

The art trail will be in place until at least the autumn, including the October half term.