Linda Caulfield is better known to most people in the island as the energetic singer Little Miss Dynamite.

The Ramsey-based performer can be seen gigging at pubs and venues across the island and has become a firm favourite.

Linda maybe small in stature but she delivers explosives performances every time she gets hold of that mic.

She reveals what helps her relax and what inspires her with her choice of books, films and musical artists.

Top ten

1) CRIME NOVELS - I love reading crime books as it helps to relax.

My favourites are Harlan Coben, Shari Lapena, Kimberley Chambers, Mandasue Heller, Martina Cole and James Patterson.

2) AUTOBIOGRAPHIES  - Michael Cain  is one of my favourites.

You would think he is just telling you his story.

Another one I could not put down was Oliver Reed.

3) BAHUKI – These are local talented boys.

They recorded their album ‘Tell it to the Worms’ in Germany with the Killers producer. I just love them.

4) FLEETWOOD MAC – this band is great to watch and they are really tight.

5) THE BEATLES - I did say in an interview they would not make it today.

They were in the right place at the right time.

To be honest they would be too good for today’s music.

Listening to their albums, they had amazing stories and they are the Beethoven of today.

6) FOO FIGHTERS – I love them and particularly frontman David Grohl. I also love Pink who is an amazing performer.

7) MARLEY AND ME - My daughter suggested we watch this and I just ended up in tears as I had just lost my dog.

Maybe it wasn’t the right film to watch at the time!

8) GREEN BOOK - How can anyone be treated like that.

It does not matter what colour or religion you are.

I always told my kids don’t ever go out to intentionally to hurt someone although sometimes we do without thinking, it’s human nature.

9) JESUS OF NAZARETH – wow, this is one film I will never forget.

Robert Powell was amazing.

10) EVIL ROY SLADE – this is one of the funniest films I saw in the 70s.

It is a cowboy film but really funny.

I watched it couple years ago and still funny.

I would like to say I also love all the Disney films, such as the Lion King. I’m still a child at heart.