Manx singer Mae Challis has said its ‘awesome to make the Isle of Man proud’ following her four-day performance at Glastonbury.

Mae performed at the ‘Tap House’ pub, located on Worthy Farm in the area, from Thursday, June 27 to Sunday, June 30, having a two-hour slot from 7pm to 9pm on all four nights.

Born in Kent, Sittingbourne, Mae grew up in Onchan from the age of seven, before living in Douglas during her early 20s and moving to Southampton in 2023.

Since moving to Southampton, Mae has been a supporting act for a number of bands in the area.

One night, she was approached by a drummer of a jazz band and asked whether she’d like to take on the heights of Glastonbury.

Commenting after Glastonbury, Mae said: ‘To the headteacher in school who told me I should study more instead of getting distracted with music, I just played Glastonbury festival - four times!

‘A huge thank you to Gillian for spotting me in Southampton earlier this year and giving me the chance to play.

‘Thank you to my amazing sound man Dean who did an outstanding job all week. He's also a talented musician and singer who joined me for a few songs for the finale on Sunday.

Thank you to my gorgeous other half Farron Young for supporting me in so many ways, from carrying my guitar and kit for me to sitting down and pretty much writing my set list for me, as well as holding the phone during the live stream. You are forever my favourite person!

‘Lastly, thank you all of you guys for the support you've shown. It's awesome to know that I make the Isle of Man proud.’

Mae is no longer pursuing a full-time career in music and works as a full-time finance assistant while having a keen interest in ‘Supermoto’ racing.

However, she certainly had a music-dominated upbringing in the island and credits her mum as her main inspiration.

She said: ‘My mum Sharon Challis is almost solely responsible for me becoming the musician that I am. She has always been my biggest cheerleader in music.

‘I'm also eternally grateful for Ruth Solomon, who started as my piano teacher when I was nine and ended up being a friend I will cherish forever.’

If you want to keep up to date with Mae’s activity and her future music endeavours, you can visit her music dedicated Facebook page by searching ‘Mae Challis’.