You’d be mistaken for thinking McFly, after 20 years as a band, have started to mellow with their music.

In concert, the London band were everything a fan would hope for them to be and more.

With buckets of energy, each member was a live wire, entertaining the audience at the Villa Marina like it was their last time and jumping about the stage, hyping up the crowd at every opportunity.

Members Tom Fletcher, who is the lead singer, guitarist and pianist, lead singer and guitarist Danny Jones, bassist and singer Dougie Poynter, and drummer Harry Judd came storming onto the stage belting out ‘Red’, one of their tracks off ‘The Lost Songs’, released in 2020.

Fans were ecstatic and, despite the track being lesser known, it was all the audience needed to feel vitalised and ready for the brilliant night that lay in store.

With enough hits, and even a cover thrown in for good measure, to please any casual listener, there were a few album tracks for long-time fans.

Upon the band asking if anyone had seen McFly live before, they received a roar from the crowd, but after questioning who hadn’t, over half of hands were raised in the venue.

The pop band were determined to put on a good show but made sure to leave the crowd wanting more.

And how could they not? The combination of old and new songs formed an exciting and eclectic mix of material as McFly kept the energy high throughout.

These tracks were punctuated by witty banter exchanged by the bandmates.

They weren’t above interacting with the crowd during the performance, encouraging them to get involved and seemed to have a lot of fun chatting away between well-known hits.

Particular highlights were ‘Lies’, a bonus track on the band’s studio album Radio:Active, Above the Noise’s ‘Shine a Light’, and one from their debut album called ‘Obviously’.

Rushing back onstage for the encore, they picked it back up with a cover of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which they pulled off with ease, much to the crowd’s delight.

McFly finished with two of their most famous hits – ‘All About You’ and ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’, which didn’t fail to excite.

One of the most energetic bands you could ever hope to see live, McFly know how to have a good time with their comical banter, terrific setlist, and enough jumping to shake the venue.