Now is a perfect time to make a difference for the 2024 festival season.

That’s according to Culture Vannin director Dr Breesha Maddrell, who is encouraging people to consider volunteering at one of the wide variety of community events held in the island each year.

Breesha said: ‘Festivals are great opportunities to have fun, make new friends, and to place yourself at the heart of our vibrant cultural life.

‘From Celtic music and dance to slam poetry and literature, from amazing community arts venues to carnival on the streets, there are so many different events here in the island, all run by volunteers. And these festivals need your support.’

Culture Vannin supports festivals and events run by volunteers through its small grants scheme. ‘We protect these funds for those with a proven track record of delivering amazing events which are good value for money, for at least seven years, while fulfilling all of their reporting obligations to us as a funding body,’ Breesha said.

Some of the long-standing festivals and events Culture Vannin supports include:

• Shennaghys Jiu Celtic Youth Festival each Easter:

• Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering festival each July: and

• Manx culture within Peel Carnival each August:

• Manx LitFest each Autumn: and

Breesha said: ‘Festivals are a great “extended family” of which to become part.

‘Many of us who work at Culture Vannin have also had the privilege to work on various voluntary committees for festivals and organisations over the years.

‘They are a great way to get to know new people of all ages and backgrounds, something which cannot help but enrich your life.’

She added: ‘Maybe you enjoy helping make things happen, or just being part of a team.

‘You could think about joining an organising committee or just volunteer during the event as part of the operational team.

‘Maybe you’re a business who wants to serve the community better and fulfil ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals?

‘Festivals need funding for specific events at which they can recognise your contribution.

‘They are also the perfect solution for corporate community outreach.’