A monthly event in Ballasalla has raised £10,700 for the Abbey Church.

The ‘beetle drive’ sees participants play a traditional dice game.

The event was first organised by Marjorie Kelly in July 2013, who wanted to bring the Ballasalla community together while also raising funds for the Abbey Church.

Mrs Kelly said: ‘It’s so simple and people really enjoy it, which you can tell by just looking at their smiles.

‘The rules are explained in a couple of minutes and everybody is eager to support new arrivals and help with the task of adding up the final totals, something that can be more challenging than you would expect.’

The entry fee costs £2, which includes a drink and a biscuit, while there is also a raffle at every event.

Jason Moorhouse, MHK for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, said: ‘It is quite an achievement starting a community event, but to organise it every month for 10 years is quite incredible.

‘Over the last 10 years, Marjorie’s efforts have raised roughly £10,700 for the church and it has enabled lots of work to be done.

‘Mrs Kelly works tirelessly to ensure the raffle prizes are always varied and both the person with the highest score and the lowest score in the beetle get a prize.

‘There are a lot of new people who have moved into the village recently and this is an easy way to become part of village life.’

The next beetle drive will be held at the First Malew Scout hall between the main road and the Abbey Church on Friday, September 8.