Manx-born illustrator, fine artist and University College Isle of Man lecturer Juan Moore recently opened a studio and gallery at The Square, in Market Square, Castletown.

His latest show, Vikings of Mann, is on display until September 24, open Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm. Juan has already sold more than 80 of his 100 Viking sketches.

Juan is offering mentorships for all experience levels.

He graduated with a first class BA honours degree in illustration from Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall in 2006 and in 2013 achieved an MA degree in 3D computer animation from Bournemouth University’s NCCA. His artworks are part of the Isle of Man Arts Council’s collection and the Manx National Art Collection.

Juan says: ‘Music is hugely important to me and is a huge part of my creative process. I’m always listening to music to create my art. I like songs that move me and tell a story more than anything. It was really difficult to narrow it down to just 10 songs, but here we go.’

1. Peaches - Presidents of the USA

Has to be my all-time favourite. It simultaneously gets me pumped up and feeling nostalgic. I’ve loved this track since I was a teenager.

2. Mirror, Mirror – Blind Guardian

Just a fun, nerdy, cheesy melodic metal song about the works of Tolkien that gets me going.

3. The New zero – Rasputina

I can listen to album after album of Rasputina, but this weird song about a love affair with the abominable snowman has to be my top pick.

4. Hero of the Day – Metallica

I love Metallica, but controversially Load and Reload are my favourite albums of theirs with this track, in my opinion, being a particular highlight.

5. Little earthquakes -Tori Amos

Again, I can listen to Tori Amos on loop, but this song and its album epitomise her amazing music.

6. RE: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton

This comedic song about the end of the world, told from a zombie’s perspective, always gives me a chuckle.

7. Bullet with butterfly wings - the Smashing Pumpkins

I love the Smashies. It’s really hard to pick just one track - or one album - but this is a great song.

8. Northern star – Hole

I just like this song, no idea why, I just do. Celebrity Skin, which this song is from is a fantastic album too.

9. Intervention – Arcade Fire

I don’t know any other tracks by this band, but I just love the epic feel and hopelessness that I glean from this song.

10. The man who sold the world – Nirvana

Many will say that Bowie’s version is superior, and it’s great, but for me this quieter, more raw cover, just connects with me more.