Cloideryn Northern Theatre are preparing to visit San Diego, in California, to represent Ramsey and the Isle of Man at a sailing festival to mark the 160th anniversary of the launch of the Star of India.

Thirteen members of the group will be performing their musical The Star of India for delegates, VIPs and guests at the San Diego Maritime Museum, where the ship is a main attraction, in November.

It comes after the group staged the musical, written by Cloideryn founder and director Heather Ruffino and Marilyn Cannell, in September last year.

For that, 15 delegates from the museum came to the island specially to see the show. It saw the Manx flag that had been flying on the ship being presented to Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer, who passed it into the care of Ramsey Commissioners.

Heather told Island Life: ‘We all are very excited of course but more so we feel so overwhelmed to be given this invitation and opportunity to represent Ramsey and the Isle of Man at this special festival which actually would not be happening but for the fact that this famous ship was built in Ramsey shipyard back in 1863.

‘We feel privileged to have formed a special link between the Maritime Museum of San Diego, the president of the museum Dr Ray Ashley and the museum delegates and the Isle of Man.’

And she said they were proud to be drawing people’s attention to Star of India, originally the Euterpe, as the only iron-hulled sailing ship left still sailing and which is the museum’s ‘lovingly cared for’ main attraction.

In preparation for the trip, the group will be staging two pop-up gigs this weekend. They will be singing some songs from the show along with sea shanties outside the Old Courthouse, in Ramsey, on Saturday (September 2) at 11am and 2pm.

And they will be performing on Queen’s Pier, in Ramsey, on Sunday (September 3) at 3pm.

Heather said: ‘There could also be some spontaneous pop ups else where, we may just surprise folks.’

Their main concert to raise funds towards trip expenses will take place at St Paul’s Hall, Ramsey, on Saturday, October 7, from 7.30pm.

They will be performing all the songs from The Star of India musical along with sea shanties and familiar Manx songs.

Tickets cost £6, which includes light refreshments. They are available by calling Heather on 437904. Any remaining tickets will be available on the door.

There will also be a raffle.

The musical gives an insight into the way life was for the shipbuilders, fishermen and wives of Ramsey as well as the crews on board ship and the emigrants who risked long voyages in search of a better life.