The North American Manx Association has held a three-day event to mark the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower - including Manxman Captain Myles Standish - in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The convention took place two years later than planned due to Covid, with Culture Vannin’s Manx language development officer Ruth Keggin Gell as special guest.

The event included a trip to the Plimoth Patuxet living museum, where they learned about the 17th century settlers as well as the Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans.

Highlights included an actor playing the role of Lezayre man Myles Standish, a soldier who as captain of the militia was in charge of the security of the settlers. He was credited with being instrumental in the survival of the colony.

The group then tucked into a 17th century style lunch experience - a turkey feast washed down with mint and blueberry tea.

Later they enjoyed a tour of the Mayflower II, a detailed replica of the original Mayflower. NAMA president Kelly McCarthy said: ‘We all marvelled at the number of people - and animals - who sailed to our continent on it.’

The final day saw Ruth lead NAMA’s first-ever day-long programme of Manx language and culture workshops. Kelly said: ‘She had NAMA members young and old dancing in the corridors and speaking Manx before they knew it.’

She added: ‘Those afraid cultural workshops might be too academic or “dry” were bowled over by her enthusiasm and by the depth of knowledge she had to share, ranging through Manx song, language, dance, folklore and music.’

The success of the event saw six new members sign up to the association.