A Manx artist is launching her latest project providing her own personal view of the island.

Charlotte Henry has compiled her latest collection entitled 'The Manx Sketch Book', which has been sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Her artwork is collated in a sketch book diary which also includes some of her thoughts in writing alongside the artwork.

To showcase the project, there will be an exhibition in the meeting room at Archibald Knox pub in Onchan. The launch event will be held today (Thursday) and the exhibition will run until Thursday, May 8, from 10.30 am-6.30pm daily.

There will be a special viewing on the first Thursday between 6.30pm-9pm with an official opening and refreshments served.

Charlotte said: ‘I handwrote the original text and produced all the artwork in the sketch book. I would like to thank Cannell Print Ltd for their attention to detail in printing it.

‘The Book is a personal view of the Isle of Man, presented as a sketch book diary. I think it will resonate with many people as a mindful view of our island.’

Her art has been very important to Charlotte and cites it for havig helped her through some very difficult moments in her life.

She said: ‘I specialise in etching and produce film shorts of my process for YouTube. Also, I love writing poetic prose in my books, having published three so far; ‘Portrait of Mann’, ‘ACTION MANN!’ and ‘Relapse and Recovery’ all of which I have illustrated.

‘Art is a way of life for me. Creativity has focused my hope as I am in recovery from addictive behaviour, using alcohol, during my life.’

Charlotte produced a calendar last year filled with a series of watercolour etchings which sold out.. An exhibition of her artwork featured in the calendar went on display at Studio 42 in Port St Mary.

Charlotte specialises in etching, a traditional technique involving biting a metal plate with acid to achieve designs which she then hand prints and watercolours. She also makes film shorts about the process.

Charlotte previously told Island Life: ‘The choice of subjects I use for my etchings are based upon unusual views I see, often while exploring the island in our campervan.

‘My husband, Shane Lucas, a sculptor, and I used to explore all over on foot, but sadly we have both since developed physical disabilities.

‘I have always carried small sketchpads with me, since childhood. Composition is what inspires me to produce a scene.’

Charlotte studied fine art at college from 1978 to 1981. She said it was during that time she was complimented by her printmaking tutor, who thought etching was ‘her thing’.

She stayed at college a further year specially to continue the subject and she has owned her own etching press for about 35 years.

Poster of the Manx Sketch Book exhibition by Charlotte Henry
Poster of the Manx Sketch Book exhibition by Charlotte Henry (Charlotte Henry)