A new adaption of the classic Peter Pan story will be performed at the Gaiety Theatre, promising an ‘innovative new adaption’.

Titled ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’, the new production will take place at the Douglas theatre later this month. Parker & Snell Company are behind this new show which has been adapted for the stage by Ella Hickson from the JM Barrie novel.

Parker and Snell’s artistic director Colin Snell said: ‘In a world where timeless tales are re-imagined for contemporary audiences, Ella Hickson’s adaption of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan offers a fresh perspective on this childhood classic.

‘This innovative adaptation invites audiences to rediscover the enchanting realm of Neverland through a modern lens.

‘Hickson’s adaptation breathes new life into the familiar story of Peter Pan, Wendy, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily and Captain Hook and infuses the play with her distinctive voice blending humour, heart and a touch of magic to create a truly immersive theatrical experience.

‘At the heart of Wendy and Peter Pan lies the character of Wendy, whose journey serves as a poignant exploration of growing up and finding one’s place in the world.

‘Unlike traditional adaptations where Peter Pan takes centre stage, Hickson places Wendy at the forefront, offering a fresh perspective on her character and her relationship with Peter. Through Wendy’s eyes, audiences are invited to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with wonder, danger and self-discovery.

‘Hickson’s reimagining of Neverland also introduces audiences to a diverse cast of characters from the mischievous Tinkerbell to the villainous Captain Hook and not forgetting, the tick-tocking crocodile!’

Colin also feels the new production is layered in such a way children can still enjoy the magic but there is a darker side for the adults to appreciate.

He explained: ‘Younger audience members will delight in the adventures of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, older audiences will appreciate the play’s deeper and thought -provoking themes of friendship, courage and the power of imagination. No matter how old we grow, the magic of Neverland will always have the power to enchant, inspire and surprise.’

‘While audiences will be very much aware of the traditional story, they will be in for many surprises in Hickson’s version which is creative, imaginative and fun.’

‘I hope the audience will have as much fun with our production as we have had creating it. It is fast-paced, very funny in places and totally engaging. The play is suited to family entertainment over the Easter break and, of course, a wonderful introduction to theatre and the Gaiety stage in particular.’

The cast includes Keira Mackey as Wendy, Ciaran Kerr as Peter Pan, Carl Parker as Captain Hook, Dave Shaw as Smee, Libby Delaney as Tinkerbell, Wayne Kelsall as Knock Bones Jones, Juan Bridson as Father, Rachael Joughin as Mother, with a number of young performers as the Lost Boys and Young Actor of Mann winner Scarlet Brophy as the Crocodile.

Wendy and Peter Pan will can be seen at the Gaiety Theatre from Thursday, April 11 to Saturday, April 13 with a total of six performances including three evening and three matinees. For tickets please phone the Villa Gaiety box office on 600555 or visit villagaiety.com.