Volunteers pulled on gloves and picked up a spade and got stuck in planting some 370 saplings in Rushen.

The Isle of Man Woodland Trust event took place on Sunday morning at the two ends of Ballakilley Park, an area being transformed into a public amenity.

Falk Horning of the Isle of Man Woodland Trust told Island Life: ‘It was splendid to see so many new volunteers, among them people with Cruse Bereavement Care, Arbory and Rushen commissioners and His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor with Lady Lorimer. Some people planted while chatting in groups, others had their peaceful moments.’

Over about three and a half hours, a mixture of oak, downy birch, alder, elder, field maple, rowan, hawthorn, alder buckthorn, goat willow, sycamore, beech, blackthorn, hazel and scots pine were planted.

More than half of the saplings will form a hedge while the remainder will form small tree pockets. Planting areas were the site’s border with Church Road and the far end of the Ballakilley Park rugby pitch.

Volunteers enjoyed home-made lemon drizzle and walnut cakes in the tea break.

Arbory and Rushen Commissioners were granted planning approval for a public park in November 2020.