Christmas festivities are in full swing across the Isle of Man, and we've been asking you to share your photos and video.

Members of our ‘Picture This’ Facebook group have been helping capture the magic of Christmas across the island and we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite pictures so far. 

We challenged the group to send us pictures of nostalgic Christmas decorations and Emily James sent in a picture of a fantastic little elf with a lot of importance. 

Emily said: "This little elf was always on my grandma Eileen and grandad George’s tree.

"I remember it fondly from childhood and it looks like a handmade decoration to me. It now has pride of place on my mum and dad’s 11ft Christmas tree - grown in a field not far from our home in Laxey - in memory of my grandparents.

"I’m sure they would love to know we still have it, and their great-grandchildren are busy enjoying it to this day."

The little elf, cozy at home.
The little elf, cozy at home. (Emily James)

Anne Marven also accepted the challenge, beautifully capturing her almost-life-size Rudolph, who makes the very special trip from the North Pole every year for Christmas. 

Anne said: "He has been around for our grandchildren for years and though one is almost 22 and two are in their teens Rudolph is still here to see them this Christmas."

Rudolph standing proud.
Rudolph standing proud. (Ann Marvin)

Lynn Merriman sent in a wonderful picture that she took on an elf shift to help Santa. 

This year Lynn wore 24 different costumes over 24 days and raised more than £500 for Relay for Life.

The idea started in lockdown when Lynn, her niece, and a friend began fancy dress Fridays and posted the pictures to Facebook. Now Lynn and her friends do a Christmas series every year.  

Lynn captioned her post with a poem:             

Wazzock and Twazzock travelled in Style 

From the North Pole mile after mile.

They came in cars made in Santa's workshop 

Landing on the Island with a skip and a hop. 

You can follow their antics in disbelief 

As they get up to trouble and mischief

Lynn Merriman the stand in elf.
Lynn Merriman, the stand in elf. (Lynn Merriman)

Another ‘Picture This’ member using Christmas for good and raising money for charity was Tracy Unwin-Lovell. She sent in a picture of the amazing light display outside her parents’ home.

Tracy explained: "My parents always work so hard on decorating their house every year for charity.

"The lights are at 5 Briarfield Avenue Onchan and they are collecting for Wish Upon A Dream Isle of Man this year, a so deserving charity.

"There are also some bags of reindeer food for your children to take home and spread in their garden."

Beautiful light display for charity.
Beautiful light display for charity. (Tracy Unwin-Lovell)

Lastly, Matthew Sanders sent in an amazing picture of his lovely, decorated tractor.

The worlds prettiest tractor.
The worlds prettiest tractor. (Matthew Sanders)

If you have pictures to share, want to get involved in the daily challenges and Christmas countdowns, or just like to see what others are posting you can join our ‘Picture This’ group here: 

Happy snapping.