Colette Davies has created a collection of original paintings celebrating the wisdom, strength and vitality of women in Celtic and Manx folklore.

The oil paintings went on display at the Art Vault at The Square, in Market Square, Castletown on Sunday.

The exhibition, Celtic Goddesses, continues until Sunday next week (October 29).

Colette said: ‘Throughout history, representations of goddesses have played a central role in various cultures and religions.’

She hopes her paintings will help to maintain cultural continuity and connect contemporary generations with their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Colette explains that her intention with the pieces was to depict faces, which concurrently look like unreachable goddesses and yet also familiar women.

Find out more about Aoife, a powerful and skilled warrior woman who appears in several Irish myths and legends.

The exhibition features Cerridwen and her fabled cauldron from Welsh folklore.

And from Irish mythology, there’s Macha, a goddess of the land and guardian of the earth’s fertility,

The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm.