Fiddle player Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe has joined up with American guitarist Everest Witman to release their debut single.

Montreal Sky is a medley of traditional and contemporary tunes born out of a mutual love of Scottish traditional music, and was released on Friday.

Elizabeth is from Boston in the United States and has lived in the island since 2020.

She told Island Life: ‘I am delighted to be releasing this new single, Montreal Sky.

‘It began as a sort of casual jam session in Everest’s home recording studio when I was visiting him in November and quickly grew into a track that he and I have both worked hard on and are proud to be sharing.’

The first tune is the traditional Scottish march, The Eagle’s Whistle, and the second is an original reel by Elizabeth called Montreal Sky, from which the track takes its title.

‘I like that we were able to blend traditional and contemporary elements by arranging a traditional tune with one of my own compositions for this track,’ Elizabeth said.

The pair originally played together briefly in the contra dance band Golden before continuing to play for dances as a duo.

Elizabeth released her critically acclaimed debut album The Coast Road with guitarist Daniel Quayle last year.

She has been hailed by Folk Wales Magazine as an incredible fiery fiddler’ and her playing has been described as ‘a Zen ideal realised in Celtic music’.

She is quickly making a name for herself in the world of traditional music and has performed extensively across both Europe and North America.