Ever since Danny Robins created the Battersea Poltergeist podcast back in January 2021 his podcast career has blossomed.

The Battersea Poltergeist looked back at the famous case in a home in Battersea which blended drama and documentary and proved a huge hit as the country was still under lockdown during the pandemic.

Following on from that, Danny launched the Uncanny podcast series which looked at different cases, often flagged up by listeners who gave their story of disturbing hauntings and odd experiences.

The series, which began on BBC Radio 4 in 2021 and has since become one of the BBC’s most popular podcasts. There was even a television show on BBC Two which aired last autumn. It has created a global community of Uncanny fans ranging from the devout believer to the steadfast sceptic.

Danny has now used that global audience to take his Podcast across the Atlantic with new and unnerving tales from the US.

The supernatural investigative series takes listeners on a chilling journey from Texas to California via the Alaskan wilderness.

The show records first-hand experiences and are dissected by expert from those who believe to the skeptics. The podcast also invites listeners to get involved and put forward their own theories.

The first episode dropped last week and delves into the experiences Marcus in South Georgia who survived a terrifying night of poltergeist activity seemingly sparked by his Aunt’s Ouija board.

His aunt, who believed in Voodoo, drowned after her home flooded during Hurricane Katrina. He and his cousin decide to try and contact her through the Ouija board but seem to summon an evil figure who peers through the window which is some eight feet from the floor.

It is another creepy offering from Robins and it follows the same format as the other series. I think the appeal of his podcast is his genuine passion for the supernatural but remains balanced and does not via to the believe or skeptic side.

The podcast takes part of the story and then enlists the views of the experts before another, usually more dramatic segment of the story is played out, which builds up the tension.

This promises to be another rollercoaster ride with creepy tales and unexplained phenomena.

The series will see Robins talk to a woman who believes her father, a former spy, is contacting her from beyond the grave, a chilling case of a potential UFO encounter and sinister cover-ups in the American South, and a journey to uncover one of America's most enduring mysteries - the legend of Bigfoot.

Robins told the BBC: ‘It’s been thrilling watching how Uncanny has grown and connected with so many people over the last couple of years, with listeners around the world sharing their strange experiences with us.

‘I can’t wait to get exploring the stories we have been sent from America, uncovering fresh mysteries and welcoming even more US listeners to our Uncanny family - whether they're Team Believer or Team Sceptic!’