We need to articulate a society that works for everyone.’ These are words of Jenny Sinclair, who is the guest speaker at the next Island Spirituality Network meeting, on March 9.

Jenny is founder and director of Together for the Common Good, a charity that helps churches and other civic organisations play their part in strengthening the bonds of social trust. The charity seeks to reimagine a culture that puts people, communities and relationships first, by practising common good principles and by working with others of different opinions.

Together for the Common Good began as an idea in 2011, when Jenny started to learn about the partnership between her late father, the former Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, David Sheppard, and his Catholic counterpart, Archbishop Derek Warlock. The two men learned from each other, realising quickly that their different gifts were complementary.

For 20 years they worked across their differences, making the city of Liverpool their priority during a time of polarisation and division. Jenny believes that, if they could do it, so can we in today’s fractured society.

She says: ‘To build a common life and a social peace requires widespread relationship-building on a personal level as well as strategic work with a holistic and integrated approach.’

All are welcome on Saturday, March 9, between 10am 1pm, at St John’s Mill. There is a suggested donation of £10.