Everyone from seasoned Gaelg (Manx) speakers to those who have just discovered it attended a Manx language fair at the weekend.

Cooish, Cappan as Croo took place at the Institute, Laxey, on Saturday and provided an opportunity for the community to come and find out more about, and engage with Manx.

The event formed part of the annual Cooish Manx language festival, which takes place at the start of November and which caters for all levels and ages of Manx speakers.

Fair-goers were welcomed and could engage with and learn from Manx speakers and organisations who work hard to promote and support the language; have fun with easy games and activities in Manx; buy beautiful Manx language crafts and delicious bee (food) and jough (drink); pick up free resources; and enjoy Manx language story time for children or a cooish (cosy chat) with other speakers.

The event also hosted the presentation of the 2022 Londeyr (lantern) award, which recognises individuals or organisations who are shining a light on, or for, the Manx language, with their use of Gaelg.

Joney Faragher, MHK for Douglas East, received an award for her use of Manx in Tynwald and in daily life.

And The Fynoderee Distillery, who are proud to use the Manx language on their products, was also presented with an award.

The Skimmee Gaelgagh – the peripatetic team who teach Manx in the island’s state primary and secondary schools – also made some awards to students who had taken part in competitions in the run up to the Cooish festival.

The Cooish is organised by the Manx language community, and anyone can put on an event – email Ruth Keggin Gell (Yn Greinneyder / Manx language development officer) at Culture Vannin at [email protected] before May 1 each year with your ideas.

Next year’s festival will be held from November 1 to 5.

Find out more about Manx, or to start your own learning journey at www.learnmanx.com