A new podcast by a island personal development coach has been launched which promises to delve into the depths of human experience.

Tenacious Be podcast is hosted by hypnotherapist and development coach Ashley Bentley which offers insightful conversations and transformative insights. Each episode concludes with a 10-minute guided meditation.

Ashley draws on her work in mental health, as well as over three decades of experience in radio presenting and voice-over work to create a unique podcast experience.

The first two episodes have now dropped and are the first in the series titled, Zen & the Art of the Mind, where she takes a deep dive into the intersection of arts and mental health.

Ashley said: ‘Future series will cover a wide range of topics, including psychedelics, neuroscience, psychology, Buddhism, neurodivergence and more, providing listeners with rich insights and wisdom to inspire positive change in their lives.’

The podcast will have an array of guests each week to help explore topics around mental health, mindfulness and other ways to enhance peoples’ lives.

Ashley said: ‘Tenacious Be is dedicated to empowering individuals to cultivate resilience and deepen their self-care practices in today’s challenging world. Each month, we welcome a diverse array of guests who will share their personal stories of triumphs and tribulations, offering invaluable lessons and perspectives on navigating the complexities of the human experience.’

The podcast can be found on YouTube and on all major audio streaming platforms.