Tonight (Thursday)

- Soundcheck presents act TBC at Quids Inn, Douglas, 8pm.

- Saddleoke with Ray Sloane at The Saddle, Douglas.

Tomorrow (Friday)

- Buskers Night with Ruby, Alex and Jay at the Ellan Vannin Hotel, Douglas, 7pm. Tickets (£10) include food.

- Open Mic hosted by Eugene Wilson at The Crosby, 8pm-11pm.

- Band Battle heat four with Night Time Tennis, The Getaways and Switching To Guns at Quids Inn, Douglas, from 8pm.

- Funky Friday Fun karaoke and disco night at The Royal George, Ramsey, from 9pm to 1am.

- Ian Thompson at The Front Porch, Douglas, 9pm.

- Trevor John Shimmin at The Thirsty Pigeon, Douglas, 9pm.

- Sunset Jet at The Riddler Under The Nest, Port Erin, 9.30pm.

- Big Shot at Jaks, Douglas, 10pm.

- Traditional music session at The Mitre, Ramsey.

- Albertoke with Ray Sloane at The Albert, Douglas.


- Ian Thompson at The British, Douglas, 9pm.

- Saturday Shenanigans karaoke, disco and dance tunes at The Royal George, Ramsey, 9pm-1am.

- Harvey Mushman at The Creek, Peel, 9.15pm.

- Ed Force One, Iron Maiden tribute, at Quids Inn, Douglas, 9.15pm.

- NOVA at 1886, Douglas, 9.30pm.

- Karaoke at the Second Venue, above the Nags Head, Douglas, 10pm.

- Voodoo Bandits at Jaks, Douglas.

- Little Miss Dynamite at The Mitre, Ramsey.

- Nathan Thompson at The Ginger Hall, Sulby.

- Toby Higgs at The White House, Peel.

- Aeons and Swarf Damage at The Rovers, Douglas.

- Bridge The Gap music night at The Baltic Inn, Foxdale, featuring Shoh Slaynt plus Stuart and Alex Lambie.

- The Bombardiers at The Highwayman, Peel.

- DJ Karaoke and Disco at O’Donnells, Douglas.

- Drop Kick The Fish and Terence George at Mad Jack’s, Douglas.


- Traditional music session at Laxey Sailing Club, from 12.30pm.

- Karaoke Stars with Nige T at Quids Inn, Douglas, from 3.15pm, followed by Riffs open mic at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

- Ka-Ray-Oke at Jaks, Douglas.


- Rob Middleton in Foyer Lunchtime Concert at the House of Manannan, Peel, 12.30pm.

- Karaoke Stars with Andy at Quids Inn, Douglas, from 8pm.