A Manx musician who has overcome his struggles with autism is holding a charity fundraising concert for the second year.

Singer songwriter Callum Brew will hold the ‘Inside the Mind of Song Writers for Mental Health’ concert on May 18 at the Black Dog Oven in Peel to raise money for mental health charity Isle Listen.

Not only will the event raise money for mental health but the concert also encourages the artists performing to play their own music.

Callum said: ‘I came up with the idea of this event after being a student at UCM and having attended many charity events, I noticed so many performers just play cover songs.

‘While performing covers songs are a good way of making income, I feel that the song writing community don’t get enough publicity. The appreciation for their content should be recognised.

‘I firmly believe this will become a regular yearly event. It gives people an opportunity to perform new songs in front of a live audience.

‘People do not realise how much hard work goes in to writing a good song, lyrically and mentally. Some people’s mental health can be affected by everyday life and it can have also affect their creativity within music, and that’s why I chose Isle Listen as the charity to benefit.’

Callum explained how his mental health issues have affected him and the support he has received.

He said: ‘I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome aged 11 and throughout my school life I was bullied heavily. I have always been different but I have a lot of friends who supported me as during my high school years as they could see I was struggling.

‘I started songwriting in 2017/18 but never had an opportunity to perform the songs live until I had guitar lessons in May 2020 during the first Covid lockdown, thanks to John Gregory (Blue John).

‘During a Guitarathon event hosted by Eugene Wilson, I played a tuned called Maple Spirit which is all about my connections to Canada. My friend Jon Lysgard really enjoyed it produced the song in 2021 which was realeased as a single and at the time I was really proud of it.

‘Since then, I have written many songs and in the near future I am hoping to release my debut album called ‘That’s What I Hear!!’, which is all about my autistic traits and how I can only hear what happens in my head.’

Performing along side Callum at the Black Dog Oven will be Alex Cowley, Nash & Bean, Dylan Hanna, Terry George, Matt Burrows, Dan Looney, Matt Kelly, Joey Wylde and the Ballaghs. The event will take place from 2-10pm.

Last year Callum raised £254.50 for Isle Listen, but hopes it will raise even more this year.