Take a wander among the fungi, lichen and moss on show at the Hodgson Loom Gallery, in Laxey.

The Fungi, Moss, Lichen, Moulds, Algae, Liverworts... exhibition is a celebration of the island’s Manx Biosphere.

The gallery’s curator, Julia Ashby-Smyth said: ‘This, of course, also extends to the wonderfully weird forms found amongst the world of mildews, yeasts, smuts, slimes, oomycetes and things that fit neither plant or animal kingdoms.

‘Selected from the 175 open submissions into the exhibition are 120 pieces by 50 different artists, ranging across all mediums and styles from sculptures, photography and textiles to linoprints, ceramics and acrylics, creating a marvellously diverse show of incredible talent and imagination.’

Pieces from first-time exhibitors are displayed alongside those of professional artists, including a piece from Estonia created for the exhibition by internationally acclaimed textile artist Reena Curphey.

AI art is represented in a piece deliberately displayed to provoke discourse and debate. Have your say in the accompanying comment sheet.

This exhibition is on display until November 4. It’s open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.