Garff commissioners are to hold an emergency general public meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 12.

The meeting will address Manx Utilities’ plans to build new sewage works in the Axnfell Plantation.

This plant will service Laxey, Lonan, Baldrine and the surrounding area.

The meeting will be held at 7.00 pm at the Garff Commissioners Office on New Road, in Laxey.

Plans for these sewage works have been a topic of debate for some time, as MU had planned to build treatment works near Laxey Harbour but it failed to win planning approval.

More than 50 areas have been considered by Manx Utilities before the company landed on the plantation as its choice.

The public is allowed to attend and at this meeting, the Garff commissioners will discuss their stances on the new plant and how to respond to the announcement.

Read more about the new proposal here.